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Introducing Table Reservations without all the fuss, where simplicity meets efficiency for both restaurants and diners alike. Our intuitive platform ensures a seamless experience, making it incredibly easy for restaurants to manage their reservations and for diners to secure their spots. With a streamlined interface, restaurants can effortlessly update their availability, track reservations, and communicate with diners in real-time. For diners, the process is equally straightforward – browse through available tables, customize booking preferences, and securely complete reservations with just a few clicks.

XC Media Online Ordering’s Table Reservation System is crafted to elevate the overall booking process, offering a hassle-free solution that caters to the needs of both restaurants and diners, ensuring a satisfying and efficient experience for all.

  • Seamless User Experience: Enjoy a user-friendly interface that ensures a smooth and hassle-free table reservation process.

  • Robust Customization: Tailor your reservation system to meet your unique needs with our extensive customization options, providing a personalized touch.

  • Efficient & Timely: Benefit from the efficiency of XC Media’s platform, ensuring prompt reservation processing and timely confirmations, making it the ultimate choice for your table reservation needs.

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Elevate Your Customer’s Experience, One Click at a Time

Revolutionize dining with our user-friendly online ordering. Your visitors will effortlessly savor their favorites with a click, transforming meals into delightful, hassle-free experiences.

Avada Caterer Mobile App
The Top-notch Restaurant Reservation Platform!
  • No contracts or commitments required

  • No fees per seat or reservation
  • Absolutely nothing else
  • Just utilize our complimentary restaurant table booking system to fill those vacant tables.
Easy To Spot “table Reservation” Button On Your Website
  • Get more bookings FAST by placing the “Table Reservation” button at the top of your homepage.
  • This way, you’ll make it possible for your clients to book a table within seconds.
  • And you’ll enable them to pay a visit to your restaurant.

Avada Caterer Mobile App
Avada Caterer Mobile App
No Shows? No Problem!
  • With our online restaurant booking system, you can finally take unlimited table reservations without paying a dime. How relieving is that?
Build Your Own Client Database To Send Out Promos To
  • By using our online restaurant table booking system you can now build your own client database.
  • So you can email your clients with some great promos to drive more business and boost sales whenever you want.
Avada Caterer Mobile App

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